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 August 4, 2019

Se-Brazil 7-Min Brazilian Wax Hands-on Training Class

Time: 9a, 11a or 3p

Cost: $575 (includes Se-Brazil 7-Min Brazilian Wax Kit)

Models: each student is required to bring their own model, with hair and have had a previous wax service. (up to 3 models)

Educator: Stephanie Laynes







Se-Skin Eczema Specialist Certification class and training is for licensed estheticians & cosmetologist, seeking more knowledge and strategies to work with clients who suffer from eczema. 

This 2-day 8-hour training will cover:
Definition of all 8 types Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)
Importance of Environmental Evaluation
Extensive Client Consultation & Skin Analysis
Client Documentation & Photo Logs
Daily Cleansing & Protecting Protocols
How Medication Effects Eczema
Common Triggers for Flare Ups
and more!
Certification Requirements:
Esthetics or Cosmetology License
Provide us with a copy of your license, business license and proof of liability insurance
Certified Eczema Skin Specialist will be listed on our website for customers to find you in their area, invited to join our private online specialist group, exclusive training events and more!

Se-Skin Eczema Specialist Certification
August 11-12, 2019
Space is Limited.



Se Skin Eczema Specialist Certification

October 27-28, 2019


Space is Limited

Payment Option: $132.50 for 6 months

6 Month Payment Plan


Full Payment



**We will offer an online option towards the end of 2019 join our private group on facebook for up to date info!