Se-Brazil Coco & Diva Mix

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About Coco: Coco is a low-temperature creamy Brazilian-style hard wax perfect for face and full body waxing especially sensitive areas. This wax will adhere to even the shortest hair without leaving a sticky residue on the skin.
Ingredients: Oleorosin (gum rosin), Cera Alba, Cocoa Extracts & Natural Ingredients.

About Diva:This all-natural gel-based hard wax is the "dryer". Diva can be mixed with Coco to speed up the drying time.
Ingredients: Oleoresin, Cera Alba, Honey extracts & natural ingredients
5lb Mix Box: 3 Rolls of Coco (15 Muffins) & 2 Rolls of Diva (10 Muffins)
10lb Mix Box: 5 Rolls of Coco (25 Muffins) & 5 Rolls of Diva (25 Muffins)
15lb Mix Box: 8 Rolls of Coco (40 Muffins) & 7 Rolls of Diva (35 Muffins)
25lb Mix Box: 13 Rolls of Coco (65 Muffins) & 12 Rolls of Diva (60 Muffins)
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3 Reviews

May 26th 2018


I love this combo wax!!!

5/5 Nov 2nd 2017

The best hard wax combo ever!

The coco and diva hard wax duo work perfectly together. I love that they are low temp wax’s so you don’t have to worry about burning your client. They also don’t have any plastics in them which is awesome! This wax combo is perfect for the most sensitive areas and really grabs the hair without pulling off any skin, I can’t say enough how great this wax combo works!!

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