Se-Brazil Coco Hard Wax

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Coco is a low-temperature creamy Brazilian-style hard wax perfect for face and full body waxing especially sensitive areas. This wax will adhere to even the shortest hair without leaving a sticky residue on the skin.
Coco comes in a muffin form that can be melted in an empty wax tin or even placed directly into your wax warmer
True Brazilian-style waxing uses no pre or post products. Baby powder or cornstarch can be used in sensitive areas prior to wax application.
Ingredients: Oleorosin (gum rosin), Cera Alba, Cocoa Extracts & Natural Ingredients.
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6 Reviews

Tyrone gordon Sep 21st 2018

Tyes review

Great product works very well on all skin types.

Jessica Jovanovic Jul 26th 2018

Best hard wax ever!

I have been working with Coco for about 2 clients LOVE it, they say it makes getting a Brazilian less painful compared to other waxes they have experienced. I felt it took sometime to figure the right temp setting for it but will never go back to any other wax for my Brazilians, plus it smells soooo good and doesn't leave any residue behind.

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