Cotton Roll 100yrd

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Tightly woven cotton with starch, high-grade quality. Suggested use with Se-Brazil Seven, Honey, Latte soft waxes.
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7 Reviews

Diana Hinton Sep 14th 2021

Cotton roll

I have used the cotton roll for at least 3 years now. After applying Latte or Seven soft wax on my clients. It's a breeze. My clients are very pleased. I apply Seven on both legs and I can use the cotton strip until I need to get a new strip. This cotton strip never irritates the skin, picks up a lot of hair on the first try. I can't say enough about this product. IT IS THE BEST!

Kelly Dec 22nd 2020

Smooth skin supply

I have created my entire business with this line. The shipping is incredible, the products are professional & safe! I highly recommend Smooth Skin Supply to any esthetician!!

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