Se-Brazil Diva Hard Wax

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This all-natural gel-based hard wax is the "dryer", dries quickly and can be used on it own. Perfect for humid/tropical areas.
Diva can be mixed with Coco to speed up the drying time.
Ingredients: Oleoresin, Cera Alba, Honey extracts & natural ingredients.
2lb: 2 Rolls (10 Muffins)
8lb: 8 Rolls (40 Muffins)
20lb: 20 Rolls (100 Muffins)
50lb: 50 Rolls (250 Muffins)
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2 Reviews

Michelle Forrester May 29th 2019

Diva alone is Great!!!

I have been using Coco Diva for a while now and while it’s a good combo, I LOVE Diva by itself! Sets quickly and great for clean up. Now my go to for Brazilians.

Jennifer Morsch Oct 25th 2016

It is a MUST have

The two products make an unquestionably perfect combo

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