Se-Brazil Wax

Se-Brazil Seven Soft Wax 16oz

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Seven is a beautiful soft wax is a low-temperature wax great for brazilian/bikini waxing and full-body waxing.
Ingredients: colophonium, vegetable oil, microcrystalline wax, mica, titanium dioxide, parfum, D&C Violet #2
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9 Reviews

Tracie Michelle @ Skin Care By Tracie Oct 18th 2018

My Absolute Fave For Body Waxing on Men & Women

I'm an Aesthetician that loves to keep different waxes on hand for personal preference, but also for the genetic skin & hair type of my clients. This here wax no matter who it is gets the job done. My clients don't have severe redness, no ugly bumps (my male clients), the integrity of the skin isn't compromised, their skin looks soft, does an outstanding job removing short hairs for a soft wax, melts fast, smells good and my clients love the color:). This wax has also allowed me to shave time off of several of my waxing services. I carry Seven & Latte Soft Waxes, and they both make my work life easier when I do waxing. Do yourself a favor, & invest in good quality wax for your clients!

Jamelle Jul 2nd 2018

Violet & Latte

Mrs. Laynes... Mrs.. Layne I absolutely love smooth skin supply products.The Violet hard wax is a must have.. Every client from new to loyal loves how the wax sets quickly and when removed it's the most gentle and painless wax removal ever. I have been using violet for 4 months & really want to try coco and diva, but honey.. Violet is taking over! Now, let's talk about Latte. Latte really smells like a fresh cup latte. I've tried many soft waxes, but just seemed to love hard wax better. After, watching Niccktownsends videos using sebrazil Latte wax I decided to try a soft wax once more. I love the fact that, this was is a low temperature wax. It's smooth, creamy texture leaves the skin smooth & hydrated. This soft wax leaves the skin less red after removing. I highly recommend Smooth skin supply products.

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