Se-Brazil Violet Hard Wax

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Se-Brazil Violet Hard Wax is a beautiful hard wax that can be used all over the body. The perfect hard wax for full body waxing.
Ingredients: Rosin, Beeswax, EVA Copolymer, FD&C Violet

Customer Reviews:

I actually worked at EWC and without speaking negative about another co. or their products ... there is no comparison between the two ... it's sets nicely, low temperature and I used it on a new client a shaver, never waxed with short hairs and violet removed everything with out me having to go over it and irritate the skin ... I also like it on legs and underarms ... I definitely recommend you try it out ... Also, I have had clients come to me that have been waxed at EWC by me and other Esthi's and they love both violet and coco/Diva!

I am in love with the violet wax. It's a great low temp wax that sets up relatively quickly and gives great results even with short hair!

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Violet *

8 Reviews

Lucia Mar 19th 2019

The tenacity of the product is excellent

I have try every type of wax , but this particular wax is definitely a 5 star. Thank you

Kathryn barrel Mar 4th 2019

Violet wax should be your new BFF

With 16 tears under my belt as an Esthetician, I have used many waxes. When I first heard of the Se brazil violet, I had been a hardcore Berondin wax user. Violet hands down is the absolute best hard wax on the market. No redness after. Barely any discomfort afterwards. I have clients who tell me if I stop using it, they will divorce me. Don't take my word for it, the clients words say it all....

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