Wax Buster

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Perfect for cleaning up wax spills on floors, tables, and equipment. DO NOT use on skin or hair!

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4 Reviews

Felicia Jun 26th 2021

Wax Buster

Worth every penny!!! I've tried similar products and was never impressed so I quit buying them and just used 99% alcohol. I purchased this on a recomendation from a fellow Esthetician and this product is brilliant. It's so well made and makes cleaning up your wax pot incredibly EASY. It takes very little of them product so this generous bottle will last you a while. Thanks for making this product. I highly recommend!

Lisa Etie Sep 8th 2020

Best wax remover!

I have used the competitors and had not thought of ordering this until the pandemic. All I can say is Wow! Removes wax with ease. I had an old wax pot that I had stored away unfortunately with wax in it. I know, it is not my normal mode of operation. I thought it was going to be a chore. It only took a few minutes. I am sold! Ordering another bottle for my second location.

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